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Venice Simplon-Orient Express – Venice To Prague

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From Italy’s city of canals- arguably the most iconic in the country- to the Czech capital’s untouched medieval streets, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express route between Venice and Prague defines the term journey of distinction. Travelling onboard the world’s most opulent train, you will pass through some of Europe’s most serene landscapes on your way to one of the continent’s most romantic towns, having just left another.

Day 1
Arrive at Venice Santa Lucia station to board the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, with a steward ready and waiting to show you to your cabin. Departing early-evening, once you have settled in head to the Restaurant Car for an international-standard four course dinner, before either retiring to your cabin to find it transformed into a cosy bedroom, or moving on to the delightful Bar Car for an elegant nightcap before heading to bed.

Day 2
Wake to find breakfast served in your cabin by the steward, at a time to suit you. After eating, either spend the morning relaxing in your cabin, enjoying views of Czech Republic and Slovakia, or explore other areas of the train. Next, sit down to indulge in a three-course lunch in the Restaurant Car, prepared by the talented French chefs in the kitchen, before finally pulling in to Prague’s Smichov station early afternoon, arriving in plenty of time to immediately head out to explore this enchanting capital.