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Venice Simplon Orient Express – Paris To London

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There are no two finer cities on the face of the Earth than Paris and London. The capitals of France and Great Britain, both are steeped in history, boast a sense of occasion on every street, and have enough iconic sights, landmarks and cultural institutions to keep anyone busy. Traveling between the two onboard the world’s most beautiful and prestigious trains is more than a journey then, it’s a trip taking in a pair of incredible destinations, onboard a truly fabulous and opulent mode of transport.


Day 1
Arrive at Paris Fare de l Est station in the morning to board the Venice Simplon-Orient Express. Once settled in, head to one of the beautifully designed restaurant cars to enjoy a sumptuous brunch as you head towards the English Channel. Once over the water into Britain, leave the train behind to board the iconic Belmond British Pullman, your final mode of transport. Heading through fabulous Kentish scenery, a traditional afternoon tea will be served with a glass of English sparkling wine, before you finally arrive at London’s Victoria Station early-evening, leaving ample time to make the most of your time in the UK capital.