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Venice Simplon-Orient Express – Budapest to London

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Whilst London maintains its reputation as a city with one of the most iconic riverfronts in the world, Hungary’s capital gives it a run for its money, albeit without shouting quite as loud. An urban landscape dripping in faded grandeur, with palaces and parliamentary buildings vying for your attention amid a town that can’t help but charm. As such imagine seeing both in one trip, and transferring between the two on board the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, perhaps the most luxurious way to travel on the planet.

Day 1
Arrive at Budapest central station to find the majestic Orient Express waiting for you to board, with stewards ready to show you to your private cabin. After departure head to one of the painstakingly restored dining cars to enjoy a delicious brunch as you begin to pass through some of Central Europe’s most breathtaking scenery.

Later, afternoon tea will be served in your cabin, affording you the opportunity to sit back and rest as the memorable journey really begins to unfold. Suitably relaxed, head to the Bar Car to indulge in fine drinks while listening to the soothing sounds of our on board grand piano, before heading back to the opulent surrounds of the Restaurant Car for a four course dinner of international standard prepared by highly trained French chefs. After gorging on our moving feast, return to the bar for post-dinner cocktails, or simply head back to your cabin, which has now been transformed into a cosy bedroom.

Day 2
Awake to find yourself meandering through stunning European countryside en route to the English Channel, with a continental breakfast brought to your cabin by the steward, at a time of your choosing. Next, enjoy time to yourself aboard our stunning carriages, before a delicious brunch is served in one of the restaurant cars. Once across the sea into Britain, say goodbye to the Venice Simplon-Orient Express and board the historic Belmond British Pullman for the onward journey to London Victoria train station, your final destination, taking in the beautiful Kentish scenery along the way.