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12 Top Tips for Post-Coronavirus Travel: The Holiday Stampede – Are You Ready?

Tip 1 – Bucket List Destinations
1. Bucket List Destinations

While you’re at home, consider those special holidays you’ve always wanted to take. Use this time to determine your dream getaway and what this may include. Once clear in your mind, it will give you something to aim for and look forward to, in this holiday drought.

Tip 2 – Flexibility with your Dates
2. Flexibility with your Dates

Demand for holidays, later in 2020 and especially through the summer of 2021, is huge and availability is already limited. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you stand a better chance of getting what you want, at an affordable price.

Tip 3 – Security of booking through your Travel Agent
3. Security of booking through your Travel Agent

There are many benefits in using a travel agency – apart from their expert knowledge, they provide direct support and assistance, before and during your travel, and can help with dealing with issues beyond your control.

Tip 4 – Mini-breaks
4. Mini-breaks

Consider taking a few mini breaks to give yourself a little downtime, while you plan your next big holiday. Not only will this help to revitalise you after being in isolation, but you will see different parts of the world and help the tourism industry on its road to recovery.

Tip 5 – There Are Many ‘Safe’ Destinations
5. There Are Many ‘Safe’ Destinations

The Coronavirus hasn’t affected the whole planet. There are lots of small islands, boutique destinations and experiences that haven’t directly affected by the coronavirus. These places are open and already waiting to welcome you.

Tip 6 – Support Local Hotels & Restaurants
6. Support Local Hotels & Restaurants

You can directly help the tourism of a destination by staying somewhere small/boutique and dining out. Holidays of this kind directly contribute to the local economy and the people who rely on your patronage (and your tips). Now more than ever, these destinations welcome your direct support.

Tip 7 – Use Private Local Tour Guides & Drivers
7. Use Private Local Tour Guides & Drivers

Apart from them being absolute gems in knowing first-hand everything you want to know, and every off the beaten idyllic spot, you are personally contributing to the recovery of their livelihoods. Your travel agent will be able to help secure these arrangements for you.

Tip 8 – Cruise
8. Cruises

If you like the idea of, or have already enjoyed the freedom of river or ocean cruising and are not enamoured by the ‘big boys’ presently, there are many much smaller boutique cruise operators, offering high levels of service, waiting to help you explore coasts and waterways.

Tip 9 – Flexible Terms of Travel
9. Flexible Terms of Travel

In recognition of traveller’s peace of mind, operators are now offering incredibly flexible arrangements and travel terms for holidays. If you have any reservations about booking your travel plans just yet but really want to get away, ask your travel agent for advice on the best options for you.

Tip 10 – Think Ahead for Better Prices
10. Think Ahead for Better Prices

Holidays for 2021 and 2022 are already getting booked by those who want to secure their holiday plans well outside of the current situation. By doing so, you could also benefit from 2020 price freezes and early-bird discounts.

Tip 11 – Keep Up To Date with Accurate News
11. Keep Up To Date with Accurate News

Not everything you read online and on social media is based on factual information. Be sure to refer to reliable sources, like and World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as support from your travel agent, who will be able to keep you abreast of the latest travel and Covid advice and information.

Tip 12 – Make It Count
12. Make It Count

If you’re going to have one – have a good’un! A holiday is an investment of your time and money, so make sure you book something worthwhile that will provide lasting memories – be it a short break, or a holiday of a lifetime. There’s expertise out there to help you have the most amazing and well deserved time away.

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